Hello ELC


6. kolovoza 2015.

BLACK we were indeed! Just as usual, witches were the most popular creatures on this year’s Halloween parties! And there were Batmen as well as black-cloaked vampires. Black spiders crawled on the walls and black cats proudly sat on top of our pinboards.
ORANGE orange dominated our pinboards and autumn displays- pumpkins were just too beautiful not to give them a proper place. They also played a part in our party games. We particularly liked some pumpkin masks and pumpkin pie was delicious.and we had such a great time playing games and bobbing for apples. Many boys and quite a few girls caught those juicy apples with their teeth, not minding the dive.
WHITE faces, vampire fangs and the big spider waiting for a victim in the middle of the big web and a few GREEN monster masks here an there.
But, hey! Red??RED? Well, yes, our new teacher has not yet learned the rules of the party. We liked her Little Red Riding Hood anyway. Go, go, Tamara! Welcome to the Club!



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